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If you enjoy making videos, you’re definitely searching for the best video editing software to help you produce more spectacular and professional-looking videos. Filmora is one of these programs. It is the ideal all-in-one video editing program for both amateurs and experts.

In recent years, video editing has grown in popularity as more and more people produce content for social media websites, YouTube channels, and other video-sharing websites. Yet not everyone has the time, knowledge, or resources to use expensive video editing programs. It is a user-friendly and reasonably priced video editing program with a number of features for both novice and advanced users.

In this article, we’ll talk about editing software and how to download it from APKShoot. We’ll cover everything you need to know about downloading and using Filmora.

Filmora  video editor  APK Download
App NameFilmora
Android Version8.4.11
Current VersionLatest Version
App file size175 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeEdit videos
Available ongoogle play logo at apkshoot
Last Updated4 Hours Ago

What is Filmora?

The Chinese business Wondershare Technologies a business that specializes in creating multimedia software created the video editing program Filmora. Since its initial release in 2015, it has gained popularity among content producers aiming to produce polished videos on a budget.

Millions of people use the popular video editing program on a global scale. It is an all-in-one video editing program that provides a variety of features and tools to produce videos with a polished appearance. Whether you’re a novice or a master, It can help you make beautiful videos.

Both Windows and Mac OS, as well as portable devices, support the software.

Features of Filmora

1. User-Friendly Interface

Beginners users of video editing will find Filmora’s interface to be basic, user-friendly and easy to understand. The app’s preview window option, app’s media library, edited video export option and timeline interface are the four primary sections of the friendly user interface.

2. Basic Editing Tools

Basic editing features like trim, split, crop, rotate, and speed control are available in this video editing app. Users can modify the duration, orientation, and pace of their films using these features.

3. Audio Tools

Moreover, it offers audio options like dubbing, sound effects, and background music. Users can choose from Filmora’s built-in library or quickly import their own audio files.

4. Visual Effects

There are many different visual effects available in this editing app, such as filters, overlays, components, and transitions. Users can produce impressive visual material by using these effects on both video and photos.

5. Advanced Editing Tools

Advanced editing features including split screen, audio masking, keyframing, and color correction are also available in Filmora for more professional users. With the help of these tools, users can edit videos exactly how they want.

6. Pricing

A free version and premium versions with different features are also available on Filmora. The cost of the paid versions varies according to the features and length of the license from $39.99 to $99.99 annually.

filmora subscription plan

7. Multiple Editing Modes

There are many editing options available in it, including full feature mode, simple mode, and instant cutter. These modes are created to meet the requirements of various users.

8. Advanced Editing Tools

A large variety of cutting-edge editing tools are available on Filmora, including 3D LUTs, audio mixers, and colour correction. You can make videos that appear professional with these tools.

9. Effects and Filters

There are many different effects and filters available in this video editing app, including overlays, motion components, text and titles, and more. You may improve and add appeal to your videos by using these effects and filters.

10. Export Options

A number of export options are available on this editing software, including exporting to prominent video-sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others. Also, you may export your videos in a number of file types, including MP4, MOV, and AVI.

11. Affordable

It is an affordable video editing software that provides a range of features at a reasonable price.

12. Wide Range of Features

It offers a wide range of features, including basic and advanced editing tools, visual effects, and audio tools.

13. High-Quality Output

It produces high-quality output, allowing users to create professional-looking videos.

filmora video editor interface


1. Limited Features

Although it offers a wide range of features, it may not be suitable for more advanced video editing projects.

2. Technical Support

Some users have reported difficulties with technical support when using this editing app.

Steps to Download Filmora APK form Apkshoot

You can follow these easy steps to download Filmora form Apkshoot

  • Step 1: Open any desired browser and visit the Apkshoot website.
  • Step 2: Type “Filmora” into the search window.
  • Step 3: Choose the Filmora app and then click the “Download” button.
  • Step 4: Hold off until the download is complete.
  • Step 5: Open the downloaded file after it has finished downloading.
  • Follow the directions to install the app on your device.
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How to Use

Step 1: Import Media

Users must load their media files into the media library before they can begin using Filmora. Selecting the desired files from the computer and hitting the “Import” button, can be accomplished.

Step 2: Editing

Users can begin editing their videos by dragging and dropping them onto the timeline once the media files have been loaded. They can then edit their films using both basic and expert tools.

Step 3: Adding Effects

Users can add visual and audio effects by choosing them from the effects library and dragging them onto the timeline after editing the movie.

Step 4: Exporting

Users can export a finished video by selecting the desired output format and quality by clicking the “Export” button.


It is an Android application that allows you to edit videos on your mobile device. It is a version of the popular video editing software that offers a wide range of features, including video trimming, merging, and splitting, as well as adding music, text, and effects to your videos.

It can be downloaded for free, but some features are only available to users who have purchased a subscription. The free version of the app has limited features and adds a watermark to your videos. To unlock all the features and remove the watermark, you will need to purchase a subscription.

No, this editing software is designed specifically for Android devices and cannot be used on iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads. However, there is a version of this software for iOS devices called FilmoraGo, which offers many of the same features.

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