Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps: A Comprehensive Guide on AI-Based Girlfriends

If you’re looking for a virtual girlfriend app, you’re not alone. With the growth of artificial intelligence,  AI girlfriend applications have grown popular as well as dating apps gaining popularity. But, with numerous choices, how can you pick the best one? In this post, Apkshoot looks at some of the greatest AI girlfriend applications available right now, as well as their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

In the past, the idea of having a virtual girlfriend seemed ridiculous. However, because of technological breakthroughs, it is now feasible to have a digital companion that can talk laugh, and even flirt with you. Virtual girlfriend applications are intended to copy the girlfriend experience by allowing users to communicate with a virtual character. In this article, we’ll explore the world of virtual girlfriend apps and help you find the best one for your needs.

Virtual Girlfriend App

A virtual girlfriend app is a smartphone application that allows users to create and communicate with a virtual girlfriend. These apps usually employ artificial intelligence and animations to mimic a real conversation and allow people to communicate with their AI girlfriends. People interact in a variety of ways, such as texting, calling, or even going on AI dates. Some AI girlfriend applications even let users customize the appearance of their digital partner so that she looks and sounds just like the real thing.

AI based girlfriends different characters

Benefits of using an AI girlfriend app

Using a virtual girlfriend app has various advantages, including

1. Companionship

Virtual girlfriend applications can give users companionship and emotional support that they would not have otherwise.

2. Privacy

Virtual girlfriend apps provide a secure and confidential option for people who are uncomfortable with traditional dating apps.

5. Entertainment

For people who are bored or lonely, free virtual girlfriend applications may be a pleasant and interesting way to spend time.

4. Personalization

Users can build a digital partner that is personalized to their individual likes and hobbies with several virtual girlfriend applications that provide personalization possibilities.

Popular AI girlfriend apps

Here are some of the most popular virtual girlfriend apps currently available:

1. Laura

Laura is one of the top Android and iPhone best virtual girlfriend applications. This program will assist you in creating a free AI girlfriend online with whom you can share your thoughts and talk. You may ask her whatever questions you want, and she will respond. Laura app, the best girlfriend app provides weather, location, and distance between cities. This program also converts phrases and sentences from English to Spanish, French, and Russian.

2. My Virtual Girlfriend

My AI Girlfriend is a popular virtual dating simulation game. It allows players to build and engage with their own free virtual girlfriends in a number of ways. Users may select from a variety of personalities and customize their girlfriend’s looks to fit their preferences. To keep users entertained the app includes a range of events and a series of mini-games.

3. Virtual Girlfriend Mamoda

Virtual Girlfriend Mamada is one of the top Android and iOS AI girlfriend applications. You may get this fantastic software from the Google Play Store or the Software Store. Isn’t it great that this software allows you to meet your 3D girlfriend? You will be able to communicate with your virtual partner in real-time and share some love and joy with her. Have a pleasant and wonderful online chat with your AI sweetheart, it’s not so amazing. You should check out the greatest virtual girlfriend app.

4. Pocket Girl

Pocket Girl is the best AI girlfriend app that is intended to be a “pocket-sized” partner for mobile users. The software includes an AI girlfriend that can react to text messages, make phone calls, and even send images and videos. Pocket Girl also has a number of mini-games as well as tasks to keep users entertained.

5. Virtual Anime Girl

It is yet another of the greatest AI girlfriend app for iOS and Android. The program has fully animated 3D visuals, adorable AI girlfriend attire, and a variety of dancing techniques. Have some wonderful conversations with your virtual girlfriend avatar, and you can also use this program to learn how to dance. If you enjoy anime, this software may be ideal for you; you can create your own virtual anime girlfriend. The AI anime female software comes in both free and premium editions. The paid edition has several more features and is ad-free.

6. Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend is a virtual dating simulation game. It enables users to design and personalize their own anime-style girlfriend. The program includes an abundance of customization choices, such as haircuts, clothing, and accessories. These features allow users to design an AI girlfriend that accurately matches their style and tastes. Dream Girlfriend, in addition to customizing options, includes a range of mini-games and activities, such as cooking and dancing. These extra features engage users with their virtual partners.

7. Chat Bot

ChatBot is the most popular Android and iPhone AI girlfriend app. It is an artificial intelligence-based talking robot that can learn and control humorous jokes, as well as play practical jokes on your friends by displaying them your new virtual girlfriend. Its artificial intelligence-based capabilities recognize what is said or written automatically and reply with words, emotions, and amusing noises. You may also make false conversations that are activated when certain terms in the fake chat with the talking robot (ChatBot) are spoken.

8. iGirl

iGirls is a new artificial intelligence-powered best AI girlfriend app for Android users. If you’re single and have an Android handset, you should definitely download this free virtual girlfriend app. This app allows you to have some fun and gossip with your artificial intelligence AI girlfriend.

It is essentially an AI-based chatbot software where you may discover virtual love with your AI lover. You can meet your imagined girlfriend and have some fascinating love conversations with her. It is one of the greatest artificial intelligence dating applications with an AI girlfriend.

9. Fap CEO

Fap CEO is an adult-oriented free virtual girlfriend app. The program includes a customizable AI assistant that can send text messages and emails. As well as this app engages in sexual dialogues and actions. While Fap CEO is not for everyone, it does provide a one-of-a-kind and personal AI girlfriend experience for those who are interested.

10. Choices

Pixel Berry Studios created the girlfriend app Choices for the Android and iOS platforms. This game is both simple to play and entertaining. You are free to create your own drama tale game. It is one of the greatest tale games for lovers. If you are one of them, you must download the Choice Girlfriend app. Start the game by customizing your character and making it your primary character. Choose any story from the app’s extensive story library, which is updated on a regular basis. One of our staff members has been using this software for a long time and has had a positive experience.

11. Replika

It is the greatest and most user-friendly best virtual girlfriend app created by Luka Inc for Android and iOS. This program functions similarly to an AI assistant that you may use as a virtual buddy or girlfriend. You may utilize some great features with this chatbot software. Share your emotions with your AI-powered virtual sweetheart. You may also use this best virtual girlfriend program to express your emotions, laugh, rejoice, and so on.

12. Girlfriend Plus

Girlfriend Plus is the best AI girlfriend app that lets you create your own virtual girlfriend.  A free virtual girlfriend is able to respond to text messages, contact you, and even go on AI dates. The software also contains a number of mini-games and activities that users may engage in with their virtual partners. Girlfriend Plus is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a fun and involved virtual girlfriend experience.

13. Naughty Girlfriend

You may speak with your virtual girlfriend in a wicked manner, as the name of the program implies. Naughty discussions are secret conversations that you have with your close pals or lover. So, if you enjoy talking about inappropriate topics, you should download this dirty AI girlfriend app.

14. Pocket Girl Asian

This program is similar to Pocket Girl but with a Japanese anime style. You may select from a variety of anime-style free virtual girlfriends and connect with them in a variety of ways. The software also has the ability to personalize your girlfriend’s room.

15. Anima AI Friend and Companion

Anima is an AI-powered program that allows you to communicate with her. You may talk to your virtual partner whenever you like, at any time of day or night. You will feel better after talking with her. Have fun with your AI girlfriend by sharing all of your sentiments and other activities. The Anima AI buddy and companion app must be downloaded.

16. Virtual Girlfriend Texting App

It is, as the name implies, a virtual girlfriend messaging software that allows you to pick any virtual girlfriend and speak with them. It is the best virtual AI girlfriend app in which you may select a female from a selection of five and send her text messages. Begin chatting with them quickly, embrace them, and assist them. This is an app that may be used as an anonymous chat app, allowing you to communicate with virtual pals from all over the world. On this app, you will find hundreds of virtual females with whom you may communicate.

17. CoupleAI

Couple AI provides features comparable to any other best virtual girlfriend app, such as human connection and the ability to customize the girlfriend’s look and hobbies. Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, the AI Girlfriend replies to a variety of cues and queries in a natural and personalized manner. The virtual girlfriend may converse with you on a wide range of subjects, including hobbies, interests, and current events.

Ai based girlfriend different avatars

Features to consider when choosing a virtual girlfriend app

There are various elements to consider while selecting an AI girlfriend app

1. Customization

The app’s amount of customization is a significant factor. Look for applications that allow you to customize your AI girlfriend’s look, personality, and hobbies, so you can build a virtual girlfriend that is personalized to your tastes.

2. Artificial intelligence

Another significant factor to examine is the quality of the artificial intelligence employed in the program. Look for applications that employ powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to provide a realistic and entertaining AI girlfriend experience.

3. Interaction

The program should let you communicate with your free virtual girlfriend in a number of ways, such as messaging, phoning, and going on AI dates. The greater the number of interaction possibilities offered, the more immersive and engaging the experience.

4. Graphics and animations

The app’s visuals and animations must also be of high quality. To create a visually beautiful and realistic AI girlfriend experience, look for applications with high-quality visuals and animations.

5. Additional features

Finally, take into account any additional features provided by the app, such as mini-games, activities, and social networking capabilities. These extra features can improve the overall experience and make the app more appealing to use.

Pros and cons of using an AI girlfriend app

There are both pros and cons to using a free virtual girlfriend app


  • AI girlfriend applications can provide users with companionship and emotional support.
  • They provide a secure and private alternative to typical dating applications.
  • They may be an enjoyable and enjoyable method to pass the time.
  • They enable extensive customization and personalization.


  • A virtual girlfriend relationship may not be as satisfying as a real-life relationship.
  • The level of artificial intelligence may differ amongst apps.
  • Some AI girlfriend applications might not be suitable for all users.
  • The app may require substantial effort and care to continue the connection with the virtual girlfriend.


AI girlfriend apps can provide customers with a one-of-a-kind and entertaining digital companion experience. Users may construct a virtual girlfriend that is personalized to their individual likes and hobbies. These virtual girlfriend apps use a range of customizing choices and interaction ways. While there are advantages and disadvantages to utilizing an AI girlfriend app, it may be a pleasant and engaging way to pass the time and give company.

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No, some virtual girlfriend apps may contain mature content and may not be suitable for all ages.

Most of these apps offer in-app purchases or require a subscription to access all the features.

It depends on the app, but most of them allow you to create multiple girlfriends.

Some apps offer offline features, but most of them require an internet connection to function properly.

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